Gisela becomes suspicious

Otherwise, I cannot think of anyone else who participated in meetings with Hans Scholl. I believe I have already characterized the individual persons insofar as I noticed their political conversation. I must emphasize now as before that during all these meetings, I never thought that this circle could have been working actively against the current regime.

I must admit that the behavior of the Scholl siblings and Schmorell appeared very suspicious to me, especially in the last days before their arrest. In those days I realized that they were working very intensively in the apartment. I thought about calling Hans Scholl to task about it, because I could not believe that they were working on their studies all that time when they were together.

Hans Scholl kept me away under the pretext that I needed to study intensively. He said that to me fairly firmly, so that I saw that he did not wish to be disturbed.

I also did not allow myself to look in on them to see what Scholl and Schmorell were doing in his room. I only noticed the loud noise that I heard coming from Hans Scholl’s room. But I believed it was a typewriter. It is possible that at that time, they were using the duplicating machine. But since I have never been around such a the duplicating machine process, I cannot say for sure. I have never seen such an apparatus in Scholl’s apartment, nor did I see them bring one into the apartment.

It now occurs to me that I once saw Schmorell typing addresses on the typewriter. This was about 8 or 10 days before Scholl’s arrest. On that occasion, he was busy typing addresses for about fifteen minutes. These were probably around 100 addresses that he typed on normal envelopes. But I did not see Schmorell put anything into the envelopes. He was copying the addresses out of a student directory, which I had seen once before lying around Hans Scholl’s room.

Since I already assumed that Scholl and Schmorell were occupied with illegal things, I did not have the nerve to ask Schmorell what was going on with the addresses. I was convinced that I must would learn something I should not know. I did not wish to become involved, which was precisely the same thing that Hans Scholl and Schmorell wanted.

I had come to the conclusion that they were involved with the production of illegal documents that were being mailed in these envelopes. Of course, I had not heard anything [specific] or seen anything else in particular that would have pointed to the preparation of those kinds of documents. I came to that conclusion only because Scholl and Schmorell worked so intensively and so long on the typewriter. …

I certainly am telling the truth when I state that on the occasion of staying in his room, I never saw a leaflet or other suspicious documents. They were probably hidden someplace. …

I must deny that in Hans Scholl’s absence, I would look around his room and that I learned about the leaflets on that occasion. Indeed I cleaned his room sometimes, but I never saw anything suspicious on the desk or any place else.


Source: March 31, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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