Hans Scholl purchase of postage stamps

Question: Have you purchased large quantities of postage stamps recently? If so, where and what denominations did you purchase?

Answer: I have never purchased large quantities of postage stamps. Except for about 4 or 5 days ago, when I purchased 10 stamps @ 12-Pfennig each at the post office near Danziger Freiheit [Plaza]. I used these stamps to mail the following letters:

1.) To Rosé [sic] Nägele, residing in Stuttgart, Pliningen [sic], Neuhauser Str. No. ?,

2.) Ute Borchers, residing in Aachen, Eberburgweg 47,

3.) My mother.

The rest of the stamps were either used by my sister, or are still in my apartment.

Miss Nägele is from Alsace and is studying at the agricultural college in Stuttgart. Her parents live in Moorhart [sic] near Stuttgart. Her father is currently medical officer and Senior Medical Officer of a field hospital. My family and I have been friends with the Nägele family for years.

Miss Borchers is the daughter of the Senior Medical Officer of the Luise Hospital in Aachen. We have been friends for about three years. I have had absolutely nothing to do with Miss Nägele or Miss Borchers in political matters.


Note: This date could also be February 14, 1943 – the date the Gestapo was fishing for – since a postal employee had reported a large purchase of postage stamps on that day. But Hans Scholl probably purchased stamps on February 10; that date makes more sense with the leaflet mailings they undertook and the actions he attributes to the same date as stamp purchase in a subsequent interrogation.-Ed.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943

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