Max Stefl

The State Police Headquarters in Vienna reported that Dr. Max Stefl [Note 1], a resident of Munich, was temporarily in Vienna at the critical time in question [when the leaflets were distributed there]. Stefl is a former National Librarian, born September 15, 1888 in Nuremberg. He currently resides at Lotzbeck Str. 3/I in Munich. His personal history, degree of education, and intellectual and political attitudes make him a good match for the profile of the perpetrator [of the distribution activities] or of the writer of the contents of the leaflet.

Before the accession to power [Note 2], Stefl subscribed to the “Münchener Post” (the daily newspaper of the SPD [Note 3]) and was in agreement with the KPD [Note 4]. As a malicious opponent of the movement [Note 5], Stefl was denounced in 1933 for insulting the Führer. In 1934, he was finally released from civil service due to his obviously subversive attitudes, in compliance with the laws regarding the failure to fulfill one’s duty as a public servant. Surveillance of Stefl was initiated [Note 6].


Note 1: Dr. Stefl was a publisher of the works of Theodor Haecker, as well as a close friend of Haecker and Carl Muth. The student Hans Leipelt rented a room from Stefl. As of January 2003, Stefl has never been included in the list of White Rose “mentors” or participants. His knowledge of their activities is unknown.

Note 2: Of Adolf Hitler in January 1933.

Note 3: Socialist Party that Hitler banned early on.

Note 4: Communist Party of Germany – banned even earlier.

Note 5: National Socialism.

Note 6: Unclear from grammar in footnote whether surveillance was initiated in 1934 when he was fired, or in 1943 when the Viennese Gestapo reported him as a possible White Rose suspect.

Note: Because of Stefl’s strong connection to Theodor Haecker, it is surprising that he was never recruited for White Rose resistance (that we know of).


Source: ZC13267, Schaefer’s February 11, 1943 memorandum

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