Alexander Schmorell’s final pay

The communication from the Postal Savings Bank in Vienna is regarding my monthly military pay in the amount of RM 135.15 [$1,081.20], which in accordance with my wishes is deposited into my savings account No. 2-370-146. I would then go to a post office on the first of the month and have this amount posted to my savings passbook. Then I could withdraw that amount.

[This communication] is with regards to my military pay for March 1943. However, I must leave the disposal of these funds to others, since as a prisoner I have nothing at my disposal.


Note: Date is estimate. The day that Alexander Schmorell burned his uniform, he also burned his paybook. Which means that he would have had to carry out this financial transaction in advance of that day.-Ed.


Source: Alexander Schmorell’s March 1, 1943 interrogation

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