Alexander Schmorell re addressing of sixth leaflet

Either the next day, or the day after that, Hans Scholl and I set about getting our leaflets ready to mail. We used an older student directory (I believe Scholl owned something like that) and randomly copied out the addresses of students [Note 1] who lived in Munich.

As long as we had envelopes, we used them. When we ran out, we folded the leaflets and wrote the addresses on the outside. We used two typewriters that were in Scholl’s residence, that is, the Remington typewriter, and an Erika typewriter. To my knowledge, the Erika typewriter belonged to Scholl’s landlady. This woman, Mrs. Schmidt, does not know that treasonous leaflets were produced and distributed in her residence. Mrs. Schmidt probably does not even know that Scholl used the typewriter.

Willi Graf helped us fold the leaflets or seal the envelopes. He also stuck some of the stamps [on the envelopes].


Note 1: Studenten, or male students, only. Not Studentinnen und Studenten.


Source: Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

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