Gestapo summary: Gisela and the leaflets

When Hans Scholl’s political activity became especially evident the week before his arrest and he and his accomplice Schmorell stayed in the apartment nights, Schertling became convinced that the two of them were involved in treasonous activity. Her suspicions were strengthened when she was with Hans Scholl daily (and spent the night there) the week before his arrest when Sophie Scholl was gone.

Her statements are credible (when one considers the circumstances) when she states that she did not know directly about the treasonous and seditious actions or intentions. It is also likely that she never would have learned this from Hans Scholl if she had not looked into the matter herself.

But Schertling had to admit that she was initiated into the treasonous activity after she saw the freshly printed treasonous documents in Hans Scholl’s room on Friday, February 12, 1943. She additionally admits that she helped Hans Scholl hide the leaflets in the desk.


Source: April 5, 1943 Gestapo memorandum

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