Gisela confronts Hans Scholl

After I have been urgently admonished to tell the truth, I must admit that I saw the leaflets to students called “Students” [Kommilitonen] in Hans Scholl’s room. This was the day before they took these things (that is, the leaflets) out of Scholl’s apartment.

On that day, I was in my room on Lindwurm Straße for a while. I went to Scholl’s [apartment] around 7 pm. When I arrived, Hans Scholl opened the door.

I then went to his room. There I saw a big pile of the leaflets named above lying on his desk table. I read the leaflet. While I was doing so, Hans Scholl stopped me. He told me the following: Now that you have seen these things lying here, I must tell you something.

He then told me that they had been producing leaflets the last few days. As I had already seen, these leaflets were going to be mailed to students, like Schmorell had addressed the envelopes. He then made reference to Schmorell’s typing the addresses. In addition, Hans Scholl told me that they planned to distribute leaflets at the University [of Munich]. They planned to place large stacks outside the entrances to lecture halls.

He also told me that they had painted seditious slogans at the university and other places in the city. He pointed out that I would be familiar with these from the university.

I must say that I saw a very large number of leaflets in Scholl’s apartment. They probably could have filled 2 or 3 large military backpacks. They must have just finished duplicating the leaflets when I entered the room. The duplicating machine was namely still on the table. Schmorell must have left about an hour earlier.

I must however deny that I participated in the production of these leaflets myself.

That evening, we hid the leaflets in a cupboard the desk.


Source: March 31, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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