Hans and Alex mail leaflets

Once I saw Hans Scholl leave with the rucksack. However, I do not know what he was hiding in it. On that occasion, Hans Scholl additionally took the portable typewriter with him. Schmorell also left with Hans Scholl. I saw that the rucksack was fairly full, but I could not tell what it contained. I was not present when they packed it.

As I recall, Schmorell was also carrying a package. Before they left, I noticed that they were looking for the key to Eickemeyer’s studio. Therefore I assumed they were going there. This was on a Friday around 6 pm. …

Hans Scholl and Schmorell packed the leaflets the next day. They also took them away that day. Hans Scholl told me that they took the leaflets to Eickemeyer’s studio.


Editor’s note: For once, Gisela Schertling corrected her misinformation within the same interrogation. Hans and Alex did not mail the leaflets on February 12, but rather on the 13th (her corrected statement).


Source: March 31, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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