Hans and Gisela visit Carl Muth

I was with Hans Scholl visiting Prof. Muth in Solln a third time, picking up gramophone records. This was about 14 days ago. On that occasion, nothing was discussed, because Prof. Muth did not have very much time to talk with us. Therefore I cannot give any details regarding the political attitudes of this man. …

I do not believe that Scholl’s crime can be traced back to Prof. Muth’s influence. As far as I know, both of them more or less exclusively discussed scholarly matters and probably could not have even found the time to debate politics. I have already stated that the two of them were in agreement [politically].

But I do not believe that Prof. Muth is capable of seditious activity. Therefore I also think it is impossible that Prof. Muth could have known that Hans Scholl was occupied with the production and distribution of seditious documents in his spare time. Scholl would not have entrusted Prof. Muth with [the knowledge of] that sort of thing.


Editor’s note: Gisela Schertling’s comment (“about ten days ago”) refers to ten days before this interrogation, not ten days before the arrest of Hans and Sophie Scholl. Important distinction when dating these events.


Source: February 24, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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