Alexander Schmorell re mailing of sixth leaflet

Together, Hans Scholl, Willi Graf, and I took the finished leaflets to various post offices and posted them in the late evening hours of February 15, 1943. It was probably around 10 p.m.

First, we went from Scholl’s residence to Post Office 23 [Note 1] on Vetrinär [sic] Str., where one of us deposited his leaflets in the mailbox. I do not remember who went first. We went from Vetrinär [sic] Str. to the main post office on Residenz Str., via Kaulbach Str. The second person deposited his letters in the mailboxes [at the main post office]. From Residenz Str., we went to the Neuhauser Post Office via Maffei Str., where the third person deposited his letters. One of us had a few remaining [leaflets] in his briefcase. To be rid of these leaflets, we went to the telegraph office at the main train station, where we deposited the remainder in the mailboxes.

To verify delivery of these leaflets, we (Hans Scholl, Graf, and I) mailed one to ourselves. I do not know whether Hans Scholl or Willi Graf received the ones they sent to themselves. And in any event, I cannot remember whether I received the letter before I fled.


Note 1: This is the incorrect post office number, but the correct number did not follow the one that was crossed out in the transcript.


Source: Schmorell’s initial interrogation.

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