Last graffiti operation, mailing leaflets

When we finished working that evening, the leaflets were packed into a small suitcase and 2 briefcases and taken to the post office by Scholl, Schmorell, and me. We left Scholl’s apartment between 11:00 and 11:30 pm.

I myself carried two briefcases full of leaflets, while Scholl or Schmorell carried the little suitcase with the same contents, and the other carried the template, paint, and paint brushes. We first went to the post office at the corner of Kaulbach and Veterinär Streets (Post Office 34) where we mailed a portion – about one fourth – of the letters. On the way to that post office, we had already mailed a small portion of the letters in a mailbox.

From Post Office 34, we went to the main post office, where we deposited about half of the remaining letters in the mailboxes. We mailed the remainder at the Telegraph Office at the main train station. From here, we walked across Stachus, across Lenbachplatz, Ritter-Von-Epp Street, to Hugendubel Bookstore, where Scholl and Schmorell painted various inscriptions, while I walked up and down the street. We had not agreed so in advance, however if anyone had approached, I would have given Scholl and Schmorell advance warning so that they would not have been surprised while painting.

From Hugendubel Bookstore, we crossed Wittelsbacherplatz, past the Wittelsbacher movie theater, across to Amalien Street. Scholl and Schmorell painted various inflammatory slogans at the entrance to Amalien Street. I do not know whether they used a template, since I was walking slowly ahead of them and did not see this. In any case, I am certain that they did not use a template at Hugendubel. It is possible that Scholl and Schmorell painted additional [graffiti] on the way to Scholl’s apartment without my seeing it. I was carrying the little suitcase and the two briefcases, and always preceded them by a slight distance.

I knew that Scholl had painted inflammatory slogans using paint and paint brushes at an earlier date, e.g. at the university. Scholl personally told me this. I myself did not participate in any other graffiti operations.

After the propaganda letters had been sent to the above-mentioned students, there were still a lot of leaflets left over which were stored in a suitcase in Scholl’s apartment. I do not know how many leaflets there were.

In contrast, I do know that Scholl expressed the intention of scattering or distributing these leaflets inside the university building. He intended to place the leaflets in front of the lecture halls, in the corridors, etc. during the lectures.


Source: Fourth interrogation of Willi Graf, February 26, 1943

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