Third graffiti campaign

The night of February 15/16, 1943, we painted the words Down with Hitler – again using the template in several places on the way back from the telegraph office, where we had deposited the last of our leaflet mailing. We used black paint black tar-based paint to do so. This was the same paint we had used for the first night of the operation.

We painted the graffiti – using the template – in the streets named [above] or rather on houses located there (see note dated February 16, 1943).

Without using a template, we painted the words Down with Hitler and Hitler, the Mass Murderer on the wall between the glass windows of the Hugendubel Company [Note 1]. Schmorell wrote the first, and I the second. That night, it was also very bright. No one stood watch for us. My sister was at home this night as well, and she only knew that we were taking the leaflets to the post office.

When we were painting the graffiti or disseminating the leaflets, we never carried a pistol or any other defensive weapon with us. We had agreed that if the police or any other person should try to detain us, that we would immediately run away from the scene. We were of the opinion that this would be better than raising any kind of a ruckus.

… When painting Down with Hitler, Schmorell and I took turns. Therefore Schmorell carried the bucket of paint for a while and I used the paint brush, and vice versa.

… I never carried the .08-pistol that was found in my apartment when I carried out our night-time operations. I acquired the pistol in Russia.


Note 1: Hugendubel was (and is) a large book store (chain).


Source: Hans Scholl’s fourth interrogation, February 20, 1943

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