Hans calls Gisela to borrow money

Once we were back at the apartment, Hans Scholl called us. He said he wanted to look me up at my apartment on Lindwurm Str. because he had needed to get some money from me for a trip to Stuttgart. But since he no longer could catch that train, he would come back to the apartment on Franz Josef Str.

I did not give him money on this occasion or on any other. For the trip to Stuttgart, he got the money from the bank. But he could not have taken that trip to Stuttgart, because from that time until his arrest, he was always in my presence.

I do not know what he planned to do in Stuttgart. Sophie Scholl only told me that he wanted to meet some acquaintances there. It is possible that he wanted to dispose of some leaflets there, but I do not know for certain.


Source: April 1, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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