Hans Scholl to Gisela Schertling’s room

I was not with Scholls the last two evenings. I must correct that. Evening before last [February 16, 1943], Hans Scholl visited me. He stayed with me all night and slept on the couch that is in my room. Since it had gotten pretty late, he did not want to go home.

Since I have been in Munich, he has spent the night in my room about three times. This last time, he showed up around 11 pm. …

Whenever he would visit me, he would read aloud to me from my books, or we would talk about things and personal matters. With regards to my relationship with [Hans] Scholl, I would like to state that he only saw it as a love [i.e., sexual] relationship. We were only close as people.


Source: Initial interrogation of Gisela Schertling, February 18, 1943

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