Actions inside university

Question: While inside the university, were you always accompanied by your sister?

Answer: Yes. She had just as little to do in the university as I did.

Question: What route did you traverse inside the university?

Answer: I and my sister ran or rather walked around the corridors on the right- and left-hand side. In so doing, we reached the third floor.

Question: Are you familiar with the location of the Romance [Neo-Latin] Institute of the university?

Answer: No. I only know that the lecture hall for the psychological institute is located on the right-hand side of the university on the third floor.

Question: Did you linger long on the third floor at the top of the rear staircase?

Answer: I am not aware of a rear entrance to the university. I only know of one entrance, the front one. …

Question: Did you see leaflets in the university? If so, when and where?

Answer: I could not say when, but my sister and I went up the stairs that lead from the Amalien Street entrance [Note 1] to the second floor. And I saw how the cleaning ladies were gathering up leaflets on those stairs. I do not know how many leaflets these were.

Question: Did you make any observations regarding who scattered the leaflets?

Answer: No. I only saw the leaflets lying there on the stairs and that they were being gathered by the cleaning ladies. I picked up one of these leaflets and stuck it in the inside pocket of my coat without reading it. It was only later, namely while I was being held in the trustee, that I read this leaflet.


Note 1: This is the rear entrance to the university.

General note: As with other sections of these earlier interrogations, these answers were primarily geared to obfuscate. Nevertheless, included here as part of the big picture.-Ed.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943

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