Alex and Willi strategize

Not suspecting a thing, I met him. Schmorell told me that he had learned that two people had been arrested that morning at the university as they were distributing leaflets. He had called the Scholls in their apartment and no one had answered. He therefore had suspected that someone had arrested Scholl and his sister.

This suspicion had worried both Schmorell and me (at that time, it was nothing more than Schmorell’s suspicion). Schmorell was of the opinion that we should both go into hiding, at least at first, that is, we should stay out of reach of the police and wait to see what happened. I replied that that would be impossible, because if we should flee, the army would immediately initiate a search for us as fugitives, since we are soldiers, which could only worsen our situation.

Following this conversation, Schmorell once more called Scholl’s apartment from a telephone booth in Schwabing. A man’s voice answered the telephone; he said that Scholl was not there.


Source: Fourth interrogation of Willi Graf, February 26, 1943

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