Attempt to decipher Leaflet VII

Text of a Document [Note 1]

Of the Draft of a Leaflet found on February 18, 1943.

Stalingrad! 200,000 German brothers were sacrificed for the prestige of a military … The inhumane terms of surrender demanded by the Russians would of the sacrificed soldiers … General Paulus received the oak leaf [decoration] for this mass murder. High-ranking officers rescued themselves by the soldiers from Stalingrad. H … refused to allow the [soldiers] who were encircled to retreat to the rear guard. Now the remainder of 200,000 G… the soldiers who were doomed to die their murderer Hitler … Tripoli! It surrendered unconditionally to the 8th English Army. And what did the English do? They allow the lives of the citizens of the … continue. Do even the police and civil servants leave their posts? Only a few … : They sanitized … largest Ital… city of all f… [illegible] subhumanity … Should … proverb. Becoming in or p… to the last man (as if that were the natural thing to do?) Bl… Emissaries of

[On the reverse side:]

… the devastating, crushing superpower from every side. Vuchy … as Paulus capitulated, so Hitler will capitulate. There is no escape (explanation) and should you allow yourselves to be lied to even as the 200,000 men who defended Stalingrad, fighting a losing battle … in large quantities is sterile, or will be robbed of your children? Roosevelt, the most powerful man in the world, said on January 26, 1943 in Casablanca. Our war of extermination is not aimed at the people but rather against their political systems. We will only fight for an unconditional surrender.

If a time to consider is still required …………………………..

Oath to give. It has to do with colonial around Roh… ……………

Becoming. Around o… [c]ompletely ………… even. Should Greater Germany suffer the

Bruchsal [Note 2] … Tripoli? Today, all of Germany is encircled —- as ………grad was dead deader …Hate and d…. for the sake of …ngd all (whole) Germans should be sacrificed? To him who made the Jews suffer a martyr’s death, exterminated half of Poles, wishes to destroy Russia. Those who freedom, peace …. __ly, hope and happiness … and for that inflationary money? That should, that may not be. Hitler and his regime must fall so that Germany may live.

Decide today! Stalingrad and … Autogant and Tripoli and the hopeless future and when you have reached your decision, then … world.


Note 1: This was the Gestapo’s attempt to piece together Christoph Probst’s leaflet found on Hans Scholl’s person. This file document is not the actual handwritten document that was pieced together, but rather a transcription of what they were able to piece together.

Note 2: Bruchsal is a place name. Schicksal would be fate.


Source: ZC13267 (195 – 196)

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