Continuation of Schertling interrogation

Continuation of the above interrogation: [Note 1]

This morning I saw Scholl being led from the university. I was standing at the exit. He was led past me, about half a meter [1-1/2 feet] away. He saw me and called out to me: Alex is at home! Tell him I won’t be there this evening!

Alex lives in Solln [sic]. His father is a doctor. I saw Willi in Prof. Huber’s lecture. He left 10 minutes before I did, because he had to attend a medical lecture. I do not know his last name. He lives in Schwabing, I believe on Mandl Str. His sister lives with him. His parents do not live here.

Alex’s name begins with Sch. I cannot recall the full name. I will say it immediately if I can remember it.

Miss Scholl was not in the lecture today, nor was her brother.

Recorded by: Signed Grimm

Read and signed: Gisela Schertling.


Note 1: He used the Austrian or Swiss word of Einvernahme instead of Vernehmung as usual.


Source: Schertling/Schüddekopf (11)

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