Gestapo searches Willi Graf’s room

As ordered, police deputies Grimm and Müller undertook a search of the residence of both of the above-named on February 18, 1943 around 10 pm. The search took place at Mandl Str. 1, Second Floor, c/o Lösch-Berrsche, each one room; object of the search was seditious documents etc. Documents of a seditious nature could not be found. The search yielded the following items, which were seized:

A large number of letters addressed to Graf Wilhelm, as well as a number of pieces of stationery, both white and yellow.

Mrs. Lösche-Berrsche, owner of the residence, was present for the search.

Neither Graf Wilhelm nor Graf Anneliese was in the residence at that time.


Source: Report of search, February 19, 1943

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