Gisela’s reasons for lying to Gestapo

Hans Scholl probably did not tell the other participants that I knew about their activities. I assume this because Hans Scholl later told me expressly that in case I should ever be interrogated by the police, I should not deter from my statements that I knew nothing about the matter and that I knew nothing about it at all. I should not say anything under any circumstance.

Therefore I could not be moved to tell the truth. I was firmly convinced that none of the other participants except for Hans Scholl could make any statements regarding what I knew about this matter. I assumed that Hans Scholl had said nothing during his interrogation, since I was not summoned again after his interrogation and sentencing.

I was drawn into this entire matter only because of my love [sexual] relationship with Hans Scholl and because I stayed at his apartment. Once I knew about it, and because Hans Scholl exerted such enormous influence on me, I had to go along whether I wanted to or not.

I also knew that it would be completely useless and futile to try to convince Hans Scholl not to distribute the leaflets. Therefore I did not try to argue my viewpoint.


Source: April 1, 1943 interrogation of Gisela Schertling

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