Hans Scholl’s words to Gisela Schertling

Question: Today after you were taken into custody, have you spoken with any of your acquaintances? If so, what did you talk about?

Answer: Yes. As I was being led out of the university, I ran into Gisela Schertling still inside the building. Like all the other students, she also had to wait in the university foyer until the university was re-opened. I told her these exact words: “Go home and tell Alex, if he’s there, he should not wait for me.”

Schertling saw that I had been apprehended even without [these words]. With Alex, I meant Schmorell, whom I have mentioned previously. I assumed he would be waiting in my apartment for my return. We did not have anything planned, but he comes over nearly every day around noon. There was no particular purpose for our meeting.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943

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