Hans Scholl’s initial version of leaflets-over-balustrade

Question: Did you see leaflets in any other place inside the university today?

Answer: Yes. Namely on the balustrade on the third floor, near the columns of the stairwell.

As I was passing this point, I noticed a stack [of leaflets] about 15 cm [6”] high. After I had gone another 5 meters [15.5’], I suddenly heard a loud crash, which obviously resulted from the fall and impact of the leaflets in the Lichthof. In my opinion, some person must have thrown a stack of leaflets over the balustrade at exactly that moment. I did not do this.

I do not know if my sister threw this stack of leaflets. In any case, I did not observe who did. If she is indeed the person who did this, I could completely understand it. This sort of practical joke is typical of her personality.


Note: This is not the true story, but is included here as part of the big picture.-Ed.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943

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