How Hans Scholl received Probst’s leaflet (2nd interrogation)

Question: How did you come to have a copy of the letter that was found on your person – a letter that had already been ripped up? It began with the words “Stalingrad! 200,000 German brothers were sacrificed!”

Answer: When I left my apartment around 10:30 this morning, I found a letter in my mailbox. The envelope was white and it had been addressed by hand: Mr. Hans Scholl, Munich, Franz-Josef Str. 13, Garden House. I briefly skimmed the letter in the foyer of my apartment and then tore it up. I stuck the individual bits of paper in my coat pocket. …

Question: From whom did you receive the letter?

Answer: I do not know.

Question and Remonstrance: It is highly unlikely that a man you do not know would put a letter with content like that in your mailbox. Do you not wish to finally say from whom and in what manner you came to possess this letter?

Answer: I cannot make any other statement with regards to this. I do not know who the letter was from.

Question: Was the letter sent through the mails?

Answer: No. The letter had neither postage stamp nor postmark and must have been placed in the mailbox by another person, that is, not by a mailman. …

Question: Did you receive any other mail today?

Answer: No. My sister likewise did not receive any mail today. Though she usually receives around 2 letters every day, today she received nothing.

Question: Who saw you retrieve the mail from your mailbox? Where was your sister at this point in time?

Answer: It is unlikely that anyone saw me, because my sister had gone on ahead. It is possible that she asked whether she had received any mail. Early mail delivery comes around 9 am. I usually check to see if any mail were delivered. I cannot say precisely that this was also the case today, but it likely was so. My sister certainly did not see the letter in question. I was completely surprised to receive it.

Question: When you read through them, you must have noticed a certain similarity between the document [entitled] “Fellow Students!” and the letter that you allegedly received early this morning. How is it possible that you of all people should possess this letter?

Answer: I am not able to determine any similarities between the letter and the leaflet, neither in linguistically grammatical stylistic matters nor with regards to content. In my opinion, the two authors must have very different political views.


Note: This is not the true story, but included here as part of the big picture.-Ed.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943

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