Initial interrogation of Hans Scholl

[Note 1] Secret State Police [Gestapo]
State Police Headquarters

| Fingerprint taken*):
| Fingerprint not necessary *):
| Personal data has – not – been determined *)
| Date: ____________
| Name: ______________
| Office Ref: _____________
| Bureau: ______________
| (Bureau of the official carrying out the interrogation) Munich, February 18, 1943
| *) Cross out whatever is not applicable.

The following voluntarily appeared – was brought in [for questioning]:

Hans Fritz Scholl

And gave the following statement, after having been instructed to tell the truth:

I. Regarding his personal data

1. a) Family name, including additional designations [Note 2] (for women, also maiden name, or if appropriate, name of previous husbands): Scholl.

b) Given names: Hans Fritz. /REG./

2. a) Occupation. The following information shall be given: Whether owner, Master Craftsman, business manager or assistant, journeyman, apprentice, factory worker, office clerk, sales woman, etc.; for married women, the occupation of their husband; for minors who are not employed, the occupation of their parents; for civil servants and government employees, the exact address of their bureau; for university students, the address of the university and major; for those who have earned academic honors (M.Eng., Dr., PhD), when and where the title was obtained. Medical student at the University of Munich.

b) Income.

c) Unemployed? If so, since when.

3. Born on September 22, 1918 in Ingersheim. Administrative region: Crailsheim. Upper district court of Stuttgart. State: Württemberg.

4. Residence or most recent domicile in Munich. Administrative region: Munich. State: Bavaria. Franz-Josef Str. 13, c/o Dr. Schmidt. Telephone number:

5. Citizenship: German Reich. Citizen of the Reich? _______

6. a) Religion (including prior) Lutheran.

1) Member of a religious community or a philosophical society? If yes, which one.

2) Theist: Yes or No

3) Agnostic: Yes or No

b) Are the parents of German blood? Yes.

Are the grandparents of German blood? Yes.

7. a) Marriage status (single – married – widowed – divorced – separated): Single.

b) First and last name of spouse (for women, include maiden name):

c) Residence of spouse (if different residence):

d) Are or were the parents – grandparents – of the spouse of German blood?

8. Children: Legitimate: a) Number:

b) Ages:

Illegitimate: a) Number:

b) Ages:

9. a) First and last name of father: Robert Scholl

Occupation and residence: Business adviser in Ulm, Münster Pl. 33

b) First and maiden name of mother: Magdalene Scholl, nee Müller

Occupation and residence: Ulm, Münster Pl. 33

(This information should be provided even if parents are deceased.)

10. First and last name, occupation, and residence of guardian or trustee: -.

11. a) Passport was issued by the Police Chief in Ulm, on August 4, 1936, No. 723.

b) Permission to drive a motor vehicle – motorcycle – was granted by the MASH Unit 615 on August 15, 1940. List 1940/30.

c) Peddler’s license was issued by -.

d) Identity card in accordance with § 44a of the commercial code was issued: -.

e) Hunting license was issued by -.

f) Master Mariner’s Certificate or Pilot’s License was issued on -.

g) Subsidy certification (civil service subsidy certification) was issued by -.

Pension decision: -.

Social security offices?

h) Other forms of identification? Membership card in the German Alpine Club, Munich branch, Member # 20 045.

12. a) Has this person been chosen or selected as a juror [Note 3] for this or the next electoral period? By which panel (§ 40 GDG)? -.

b) Mediator (commercial, labor) or committee member of a social disciplinary court? No.

c) Guardian or trustee for anyone else? If so, whom? No.

Which Court of Chancery? N/A.

13. Membership in a division of the Reich Chamber of Culture (exact description)?

14. Membership

a) In the NSDAP [Note 4] since: Not a member of the NSDAP.

Last local [Party] organization:

b) With which organizations? From March 1933 to March 1935, Jungvolk member. From 1935 or 1936, squad leader [Note 5] in Jungvolk. Currently, he is not a member of a National Socialist organization.

15. Reich Labor Service:

Where and when reviewed?


Member of the Labor Service from March 1937 to September 1937. Division 3/265 in Göppingen.

16. Military experience

a) Drafted or volunteered for which unit? Cavalry, on November 1, 1937. Volunteered for Cavalry Regiment No. 18, reported for duty in Cannstadt.

b) Excluded [from military service] due to unworthiness [Note 6]? No.

When and why? N/A.

c) Served from November 1937 to March 1937 [sic]; April 1940 to present time.

Unit: Most recently, APO No. 33 194.


Discharged as: Currently Sergeant and Officers’ Candidate

17. Decorations and medals (list individually): Western Wall Badge.

18. Prior convictions? (Short statement by the accused. Insofar as possible, these statements shall be supplemented by a search of official documents.) Allegedly has no prior convictions.

II. To the Case:


Scholl was taken into temporary custody in the University of Munich on February 18, 1943 around 11 am for suspicion of disseminating the leaflets “Fellow Students!”. He was then taken to the prison of the State Police Headquarters in Munich.

/Signature: [Illegible]/ Crim. Secr. and SS-Chief Company Commander /Handwritten: and K.K./


Note 1: This is a preprinted form.

Note 2: E.g., Junior, II.

Note 3: The original document used two different words that mean the same thing (juror). The first is archaic (Schöffe), the second contemporary usage (Geschworener).

Note 4: National Socialist Party.

Note 5: Over a squad of 150 boys.

Note 6: Not the same as “unfit for duty” – not related to physical ability.


Source: ZC13267 (104 – 107)

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