Mail delivery per Hans Scholl (2nd interrogation)

Question: Did you receive any other mail today?

Answer: No. My sister likewise did not receive any mail today. Though she usually receives around 2 letters every day, today she received nothing.

Question: Where is your mailbox?

Answer: It is affixed to the inside of the front door. Mail is deposited in the mailbox through a slit in the front door.

Question: Who saw you retrieve the mail from your mailbox? Where was your sister at this point in time?

Answer: It is unlikely that anyone saw me, because my sister had gone on ahead. It is possible that she asked whether she had received any mail. Early mail delivery comes around 9 am. I usually check to see if any mail were delivered. I cannot say precisely that this was also the case today, but it likely was so. My sister certainly did not see the letter in question. I was completely surprised to receive it.


Note: This is not the true story, but included here as part of the big picture.-Ed.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943

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