Metternich re Scholl

I can only keep repeating that I do not personally know the student who called out to me and said that he could not come that evening. I most certainly was standing in close proximity to him when this shout emanated from him.

But since I was standing well at the front, I could not see if this shout was possibly meant for someone standing behind me, or rather if someone behind me reacted to it. If this were the case, of course I would disclose the name of the student [to whom the shout was directed] if I knew it, or if I could offer any additional explanation regarding the meaning of the shout.


Note: Both Metternich and the Gestapo assumed Hans Scholl had called out to a male student. That distinction is clearer in the original German-language document.


Source: ZC13267, Metternich’s statement dated February 18, 1943

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