Metternich statement

II A-So. Schm [Schmauβ] – Munich, February 18, 1943

I. Interrogation.

As he was released from custody, Count Wolff Metternich, born October 19, 1916 in Eupen, now residing in Munich at Maximiliansplatz 18, made the following statement:

“I can only keep repeating that I do not personally know the student who called out to me and said that he could not come that evening. I most certainly was standing in close proximity to him when this shout emanated from him. But since I was standing well at the front, I could not see if this shout was possibly meant for someone standing behind me, or rather if someone behind me reacted to it. If this were the case, of course I would disclose the name of the student [to whom the shout was directed] if I knew it, or if I could offer any additional explanation regarding the meaning of the shout.

“I am a member of the National Socialist Party.”

Recorded: /Signature: Schmauβ/

As per signature: /Signature: Count Karl Wolff von Metternich/

II. Addendum: Metternich was released.

By order of /Signature: [Illegible]/

/Stamp: Released on February 18, 1943
At 6:30 pm
Prison Administrator/

/Initials: [Illegible]/


Source: ZC13267 (14)

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