Gestapo agent Achter’s memorandum

II E 3/Ach. [Achter] – Munich, February 18 [Note 1], 1943

/Handwritten: Illegible/ – /Handwritten: Arrest!/


On February 18, 1943 around 11 am, I along with KS Ammer was responsible for transporting the prisoner named Scholl from the university to the police station. Directly in front of the entrance to the university, Scholl suddenly turned to his right and said to a man something along the lines of: “Tell him I won’t be coming home this evening!”

Since it was to be assumed that the person he spoke to was an associate or certainly an acquaintance of Scholl, I ordered an investigation into the identity of this person. It concerns First Lieutenant and Count, Karl von Metternich, currently home on leave. He occupies a room with First Lt. Von Blücher, also home on leave, in the “Abbazia” Hotel in Munich, Maximiliansplatz 18/II.

Count v. Metternich admits that he heard the remark, but claims he does not know Scholl and does not believe the remark was directed at him. /Handwritten note in margin: This is true./

After the fact, KS Penkert advised us that v. Metternich repeatedly made obvious attempts to leave the university building.

v. Metternich was taken into temporary custody in accordance with ordinance L II and has been placed under house arrest.

KS Ammer and I carried out a joint search of the room occupied by v. Metternich and the clothing, luggage, and other objects found therein. The search was unsuccessful.

/Signature: [Illegible]/

/Signature: [Illegible, but likely Achter]/


Note 1: Originally written February 28, but marked out and corrected.

Note 2: The date and time stamp for this post refers to the time that Achter likely filed his report. The events will be entered separately. Time: After noon when Scholls were transported, before 6 p.m. when Metternich was released.


Source: ZC13267 (13)

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