Morning mail

Question: Do you and your brother maintain regular correspondence with friends and acquaintances?

Answer: No. My brother and I receive relatively little mail. Perhaps every 2 or 3 days, sometimes more or less frequently, one or the other of us will receive a letter.

Question: When do you usually receive morning and afternoon mail? Where is your mailbox located? Who usually empties the mailbox? Did you receive any mail this morning? If so, who retrieved it from the mailbox?

Answer: Morning mail usually arrives around 9:30 am. Afternoon mail comes a little after 5 pm. There is one common mailbox for all the residents of Franz-Josef Str. 13 / Garden House. The mailbox is located on the inside of the front door of the garden house itself.

The mail for the Langenlois and Pichler families, as well as for Mrs. Schmidt, my brother, and me is inserted from outside. Mrs. Pichler generally empties the mailbox and distributes the mail among the rest of the neighbors. But since Mrs. Pichler took a job outside the home about 8 days ago, we now have the key to the mailbox that Mrs. Pichler used to have.

This morning around 9:30 am, I checked to see if any mail had come and determined that we had received no mail. There was only a letter and a postcard for Mrs. Pichler. I took these out of the mailbox and placed them on top of the coat rack in the foyer (correct, this mail was discovered on top of the coat rack when the house was searched). After I emptied the mailbox, I advised my brother that no mail had come for us today. I do not know whether my brother was expecting mail today.


Source: First interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 18, 1943

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