Planned lunch with Otl Aicher

Question: Why would you drag an empty suitcase around the university?

Answer: My sister Sophie Scholl wanted to catch an express train to Ulm that left from the main train station around 12:28 or 4:30 pm. She was going to visit our parents.

Question: Why wasn’t the departure time set?

Answer: My sister and I were supposed to meet Otto Aicher, who is currently furloughed for health reasons, at the Holzkirchen station [Note 1] around 12:30 pm. I do not know where he resides or what unit he is with. Aicher is one of my school friends. His parents live in Ulm, Glockengasse 10. Aicher has been staying in Munich since last Sunday. During this time, he and my sister got together often, but I only spoke with him for about an hour yesterday in my apartment.

Question: How is it that your sister was traveling with an empty suitcase? Certainly this is not usual?

Answer: My sister should question this answer answer this question, because she is the one who was traveling.

Note: Scholl was advised regarding the irrelevance of this answer and was once again required to give an explanation. He then said: My sister probably intended to fetch jam, clean towels and sheets, maybe even half a liter schnapps.

Question: What do you and your sister do with your dirty laundry?

Answer: My sister washes smaller items such as handkerchiefs, even shirts. But larger items like sheets are taken home, so they can be laundered there. My sister usually takes these things to Ulm personally.


Note 1: Directly connected with the main train station. It is one of two smaller “stations” that feeds into Munich’s Hauptbahnhof [main train station].

Note 2: This “testimony” from Hans Scholl contains truth mixed with disinformation. Hans and Sophie Scholl likely were planning to meet up with Otl Aicher for lunch – he was waiting in vain for them at Franz-Joseph-Strasse 13 – but the rest was not true.-Ed.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943

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