Report of search (Mahler)

Supplementary Volume I

Secret State Police [Gestapo] – Munich, February 18, 1943

State Police Headquarters, Munich

Vol. No. II G / Ma. [Mahler]

Regarding: Scholl, Johann, born September 22, 1918 in Ingersheim, et al, for preparations for high treason. Specifically with regards to a search of the residence.

On February 18, 1943, 11:30 am, a search of the residence of the Scholl siblings, Munich, Franz-Josef Str. 13/Ground Floor rear entrance, was undertaken by Chief Crim. Secr. Mohr, Crim. Secr. Geith, and the undersigned. The search was specifically for documents and notes with seditious content, particularly for leaflets of the German Resistance Movement and materials used in graffiti [operations]. The Scholl siblings currently each rent a room from Mrs. Schmidt who does not presently reside there. However, they have access to the entire house.

A number of documents, memos, and notes were found in the search. The portable typewriter was also found in Miss Scholl’s room. In addition, a notebook was found on the desk of Miss Scholl, in which a large number of addresses of persons living in Augsburg and Munich were found. These are doubtless the addresses of persons to whom the accused mailed leaflets of the Resistance Movement in Germany.

In addition, 11 packages of bullets for Army Pistol 08 @ 16 bullets per package and an additional package with 10 bullets were found in the room or rather in the desk of Miss Scholl. There are a total of 186 bullets, 9 mm caliber. Therefore, a search was made for the army-issue pistol. It was found in the desk of Johann Scholl. This is an army-issue pistol 08, 9 mm caliber, No. 2950, manufactured in 1937. The pistol was loaded with 5 bullets. An additional magazine loaded with 5 more bullets was found in the holster. The pistol was secured. On the desk, or rather on the ink container [Note 1] that was on the desk, there were 3 more 9 mm bullets and additional bullets, presumably of foreign manufacture. Therefore, 199 bullets were found for an army-issue pistol 08, and 2 bullets for a foreign-made weapon. These were secured.

Since Scholl’s pistol was loaded with 10 bullets and 5 bullets were found on his desk, there is a likelihood bordering on certainty that he carried the loaded weapon with him when he carried out his treasonous activities and that he would have made use of it had he been caught in the act.

Because of the great quantity of confiscated material, it was impossible to sift through the evidence on site. All the documents and notes, together with the army-issue pistol with holster and 201 bullets were presented to Special Forces for processing there.

/Signature: [Illegible – likely Mahler]/ Chief Crim. Secr.


Note 1: Unsure what kind of container. Tintengefäss is neither blotter nor ink well.


Source: ZC13267 (102 – 103)

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