Statement made by Jakob Schmid on February 18, 1943:

I took them [Note 1] to the property management office. Together with the supervisor, Secr. Scheidhammer, I led the detainees to the legal representative/trustee, RR Hefner, who informed the police. The detectives frisked the students whom I had detained. In so doing, they found several leaflets (folded) in the pockets of the male student. They secured these. In addition, I had observed that the male student had dropped several scraps of paper on the floor, or rather that he tried to drop the paper so it mingled with other papers in the room.

I do not believe that the leaflets that were collected from the floor following the arrest of these two could have lain in the hallway of the third floor for very long. Since the female student in question had an empty suitcase with her, and since the leaflets that were thrown [over the balcony] fit exactly inside that suitcase, there can hardly be any doubt that these two brought the leaflets in question into the university and then threw them over the balcony into the Lichthof.


Note 1: He actually used the grammatical phrase “damit” so that the sentence would be better translated “I took it…”


Source: ZC13267, Jakob Schmid’s February 18, 1943 statement

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