Sophie Scholl sees leaflets (v.1)

As we neared Prof. Huber’s lecture hall, the lecture was not quite ended. Therefore I and my brother went up one more flight of stairs so I could show him the Psychological Institute where I often attend lectures.

When we reached the third floor, I noticed that a stack of leaflets was lying on the marble balustrade that separates the third floor from the Lichthof. The stack was about 5 – 6 cm [2-2.5”] high. My brother and I had already found such leaflets at the entrance to the second floor; these had been scattered around on the floor or stacked in irregular piles. Each of us had picked up one of these leaflets, briefly read it, and then kept a copy of the leaflet.

My brother laughed at the leaflet and then stuck it in his pocket. I stuck my copy in either my briefcase or coat pocket. In any case, I had it in my coat pocket later.


Source: First interrogation of Sophie Scholl, February 18, 1943

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