Summary of initial interrogation (Scholl)

Those apprehended by the university employee were Sergeant Hans Scholl, medic, born 1918, and his sister Sophie, born in 1921. Although the university employee asserted to their face that they were the only ones who could possibly be the perpetrators, they denied it.

Finally Sophie Scholl admitted that she had seen a pile of leaflets lying on a wall on the second floor [Note 1] of the university and, in high spirits, had thrown them over the edge. It was immediately suspicious that they did not have a reasonable explanation – indeed, it was outright unbelievable – for the empty suitcase [Note 2] they had with them. Later it was determined that the collected leaflets filled the suitcase exactly.


Note 1: Second floor U.S., first floor German. Unclear as to whether this is a typo on the part of the person making the report or whether Sophie lied on purpose to divert suspicion, since the maintenance man had spotted them on the third floor.

Note 2: In this place alone, the suitcase was referred to as a Coupékoffer, or a suitcase used for train travel. Otherwise, it is only a Koffer.


Source: Undated case summary

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