Bormann telex re military status



Führer Headquarters, February 19, 1943 4:20 pm

/Stamp: [Illegible]
February 20, 1943
Journal No. _______ /

Reichsleiter [Note 1] M. Bormann

To Gauleiter [Note 2] Paul Giesler, Munich – /Initials: Illegible/

Very Urgent!

Hand Deliver!

On my orders, Field Marshall Keitel has instructed the head of the armed force’s legal department (Ministry Department Head Lehmann) to discharge the arrested students from the armed forces immediately. By so doing, the proceedings that you and I are demanding may be carried out as quickly as possible by the People’s Court.

Ministry Department Head Lehmann has been ordered to contact the Minister of Justice immediately with regards to this matter.

Should any difficulties arise, I request that you advise either me or Ministry Department Head Klemm or his deputy immediately.

Heil Hitler!

Signed M. Bormann

[Telex] sent by: Fugger

Received: for Gauleiter Giesler: 1605/Schindlbeck.

/Handwritten: [Illegible (P. ol. R.?)], [with illegible signature]/


Note 1: Lit. “Chief of the Reich”

Note 2: As Professor Kurt Huber pointed out in Leaflet VI, Giesler was not yet Gauleiter, but was still Gauleiter aspirant.


Source: ZC13267 (17)

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