Giesler memorandum to Bormann

Munich, February 19, 1943

To Mr. Bormann, Reichsleiter

Enclosed I am conveying the report of a highly treasonous activity that has been going on in southern Germany by means of dissemination of leaflets and graffiti for a longer period of time. The perpetrators are 4 male students and 1 female student, perhaps an additional female student.

The male students are members of the armed forces. Since the crimes have led to severe unrest among the civilian population in southern Germany, a quick trial is indispensable. This is only possible with regards to the participation of female civilians if the trial of the members of the armed forces likewise takes place in the People’s Court.

I therefore request procurement of an order from the Führer to the effect that the military courts are supposed to cede [jurisdiction] for the prosecution of the 4 male students to the Chief Prosecutor of the Reich of the People’s Court. I myself will work for a rapid enforcement of the trial by the People’s Court.

Signed by Giesler.


At 5 pm, Gauleiter Giesler advised by telephone that General Field Marshal Keitel had discharged the soldiers who participated [in this activity] from the armed forces and is in agreement with their trial in the People’s Court. The Gauleiter requests that the trial take place here in the next few days and that the execution take place immediately following. [Note 1]

/Signature: [Illegible]/


Note 1: Incontrovertible evidence that the trial was a sham.

General note: It is possible that the report to which Giesler refers is either the undated summary or the list of suspects.


Source: ZC13267 (80)

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