Hans Scholl gives up Christoph Probst

The piece of paper that I tore up following my arrest this morning originated with Christof (sic) Probst [Note 1].

He resides in Innsbruck, [and is with] an air force Student Company. I have had a friendly relationship with Probst for several years. One day, I suggested to him that he should put his thoughts about current events in writing for me. …

Schmorel [sic], I, and Probst have comprised a circle of friends for years now. Schmorel [sic] was not present at this last meeting. He knows nothing of this entire matter. With regards to political matters, I exercised influence on Probst. Without my influence, he undoubtedly would never have reached these conclusions.

I have withheld this acknowledgment for so long because Probst’s wife is currently confined to bed with puerperal fever following the birth of their third child. He told me this himself, namely the last time that we met.

I must say that I commissioned Probst to put his thoughts in writing a while ago. … I similarly assume that Probst was absolutely in the dark about the actions I had undertaken. Probst is one year younger than I and studied medicine in Munich till 1942. When he was here, he lived on Kaiserplatz 2, c/o Kaminsky.


Note 1: This section received extra attention from the Gestapo or prosecutors, and was greatly highlighted.-Ed.


Source: Hans Scholl’s second interrogation, February 18, 1943 (after 4 a.m.)

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