Initial interrogation of Willi Graf

[Note 1] Secret State Police [Gestapo]
State Police Headquarters

Fingerprint taken *): [blank]
Fingerprint not necessary *): [blank]
Personal data has – not – been determined *) [blank]
Date: [blank]
Name: [blank]
Office Ref: [blank]
Bureau: [blank]
*) Cross out whatever is not applicable.

(Bureau of the official carrying out the interrogation)

Munich, February 19, 1943

The following voluntarily appeared – was brought in [for questioning]: The person named below and gave the following statement, after having been instructed to tell the truth:

I. Regarding his personal data

1a) Family name, including additional designations [Note 2] (for women, also maiden name, or if appropriate, name of previous husbands): Graf.

1b) Given names: Wilhelm.

2a) Occupation. The following information shall be given: Whether owner, Master Craftsman, business manager or assistant, journeyman, apprentice, factory worker, office clerk, sales woman, etc.; for married women, the occupation of their husband; for minors who are not employed, the occupation of their parents; for civil servants and government employees, the exact address of their bureau; for university students, the address of the university and major; for those who have earned academic honors (M.Eng., Dr., PhD), when and where the title was obtained. Medical student.

2b) Income. [blank]

2c) Unemployed? If so, since when. [blank]

3) Born on January 2, 1918 in Kuchenheim. Administrative region: Cologne-Aachen. Upper district court of [blank] State: [blank].

4) Residence or most recent domicile in Munich. Administrative region: [blank] State: [blank]. Mandl Street No. I / Second Floor. Telephone number: 34309.

5) Citizenship: German Reich. Citizen of the Reich? [blank].

6a) Religion (including prior) Roman Catholic. 1) Member of a religious community or a philosophical society? If yes, which one. [blank]. 2) Theist: Yes or No. [blank]. 3) Agnostic: Yes or No. [blank].

6b) Are the parents of German blood? Yes. Are the grandparents of German blood? Yes.

7a) Marriage status (single – married – widowed – divorced – separated): Single.

7b) First and last name of spouse (for women, include maiden name): [blank].

7c) Residence of spouse (if different residence): [blank].

7d) Are or were the parents – grandparents – of the spouse of German blood? [blank].

8) Children: Legitimate: a) Number: None. b) Ages: [blank]. Illegitimate: a) Number: -. b) Ages: [blank].

9a) First and last name of father: Gerhard Graf, Manager and. Occupation and residence: [blank].

9b) First and maiden name of mother: Anna Graf, nee Gölden. Occupation and residence: Saarbrücken.

(This information should be provided even if parents are deceased.)

10) First and last name, occupation, and residence of guardian or trustee: -.

11a) Passport was issued [blank], on [blank]. No. [blank].

11b) Permission to drive a motor vehicle – motorcycle – was granted by the [blank].

11c) Peddler’s license was issued by -.

11d) Identity card in accordance with § 44a of the commercial code was issued: -.

11e) Hunting license was issued by -.

11f) Master Mariner’s Certificate or Pilot’s License was issued on -.

11g) Subsidy certification (civil service subsidy certification) was issued by -. Pension decision: -. Social security offices? [blank].

11h) Other forms of identification? [blank].

12a) Has this person been chosen or selected as a juror [Note 3] for this or the next electoral period? By which panel (§ 40 GDG)? -.

12b) Mediator (commercial, labor) or committee member of a social disciplinary court? [blank].

12c) Guardian or trustee for anyone else? If so, whom? [blank]. Which Court of Chancery? [blank].

13) Membership in a division of the Reich Chamber of Culture (exact description)? [blank].

14) Membership

14a) In the NSDAP [Note 4] since: No. Last local [Party] organization: [blank].

14b) With which organizations? DRK [German Red Cross].

15) Reich Labor Service: Where and when reviewed? [blank]. Results: [blank]. Member of the Labor Service from [blank]. Division [blank] in [blank].

16) Military experience

16a) Drafted or volunteered for which unit? Belonged to the Second Student Company in Munich as a Sergeant.

16b) Excluded [from military service] due to unworthiness [Note 5]? [blank]. When and why? [blank].

16c) Served from January 22, 1940 to [blank]. Unit: furloughed since April 1942. Location: [blank]. Discharged as: [blank].

17) Decorations and medals (list individually): Distinguished service medal with swords, and medal for service on the Eastern Front.

18) Prior convictions? (Short statement by the accused. Insofar as possible, these statements shall be supplemented by a search of official documents.) None.

II. To the Case:

Personal Circumstances

I attended elementary school and the Gymnasium in Saarbrücken. In April 1937, I reported for duty with the Labor Service in Dillingen. In October 1937, I was discharged from there.

In 1940, I had to report for duty to the medical unit Division 7 in Munich. At the end of February, I was sent to the front as a medic. In April 1942, I was furloughed to study.

[Not signed either by Willi Graf or by a Gestapo agent.]


Note 1: This is a preprinted form.

Note 2: E.g., Junior, II.

Note 3: The original document used two different words that mean the same thing (juror). The first is archaic (Schöffe), the second contemporary usage (Geschworener).

Note 4: National Socialist Party.

Note 5: Not the same as “unfit for duty” – not related to physical ability.


Source: NJ1704 (117 – 120)

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