Leaflet count according to Mahler


Vol. No. 13 226/43 II A/Sond./Mah. [Special commission/Mahler]

Munich, February 19, 1943.

I. Observation:

According to investigations, the following [quantities] of the leaflet “Resistance Movement in Germany” were mailed:

a.) 1/25/43 in Augsburg, approx. 200 pcs., of these 86 pcs found

b.) 1/26/43 in Salzburg, approx. 100 – 150 pcs., of these 40 pcs found

c.) 1/26/43 in Linz, approx. 100 pcs., of these 46 pcs found

d.) 27 & 28/43 [Note 1]  in Stuttgart, approx. 800 pcs., of these 670 pcs found

e.) 1/28/43 in Vienna, approx. 1000 pcs., of these unknown pcs found

f.) 1/28/43 in V. for addr in Frft/M., approx. 250 pcs., of these 146 pcs found

During a distribution operation carried out by Scholl and Schmorell on January 28/29, 1943, around 5000 of these leaflets were disbursed, with around 2400 leaflets seized.

On February 16, 1943, approx. 1200 leaflets [entitled] “Fellow Students!” were mailed to persons living in Munich. Of these, approximately 800 have been seized to date. In the following days, there were some more individual mailings [of this leaflet].

On February 18, 1943, Hans and Sofie Scholl distributed around 1500 leaflets entitled “Fellow Students!” in the university, as well as between 50-80 pieces of the leaflet entitled “German Students!” Almost all of these were seized.

Between June 27 and July 12, 1942, a total of 83 leaflets of the “White Rose” were sent to 35 Munich residents. These leaflets were seized. According to document experts, Hans Scholl is the disseminator in question.

In the night of February 3/4, 1943, “Down with Hitler” (with a crossed-out swastika next to it) was painted in 29 different places in Munich, primarily on public buildings. This was done using a template. Black tar-based paint was used. The same night, the word “Freedom” was painted to the left and right of the main entrance of the University of Munich, using black tar-based paint. The letters were 75 cm [30”] tall. The same night, the words “Down with Hitler” were painted on the Dresdener Bank with red paint. In the night of February 8/9, 1943, the word “Freedom” was painted in green on the entrance of the University of Munich three times in 60 cm [24”] high letters [Note 2], and the inscription “Down with Hitler” (with crossed-out swastika) twice.

In the night of February 9/10, 1943, the expression “Down with Hitler” was painted on an advertising pillar on Kanal Street in black tar-based paint. The same night, “Down with Hitler” was written on the front door of the house at Eindorfer Street 102 with white chalk. In the night of February 15/16, 1943, the labels “Down with Hitler” and “Hitler the Mass Murderer” were painted between the store windows of the H. Hugendubel Company in approx. 1 m [3-1/3’] high letters. The same night, the inscription “Down with Hitler” was painted on the Bavarian Chancery and on three other buildings.

II. Copied to the deputy [in charge].

/Signature: [Illegible]/

Mah. [Mahler]


Note 1: Sic. The “1” for January is missing in original document.

Note 2: The type of writing was identified as “Balkenschrift”, lit. Beam Writing. It is not clear whether the term refers to a style of writing, e.g. an “architectural font”, or whether it refers to placement – i.e. on the beams of the portal. The word was typed, so it’s not a matter of reading old cursive.

Note 3: In the original, Mahler had used ” ” ” ” as ditto signs when enumerating leaflet count. For clarity, I wrote out the text each time.


Source, ZC13267 (22 – 23)

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