Report of search (Graf)

Secret State Police [Gestapo]
State Police Headquarters Munich
Vol. No. 13226/43 II A Sond. [Special Commission]

Munich, February 19, 1943

With regards to: Graf, Wilhelm, born January 2, 1918 in Kuchenheim; Graf, Anneliese, born January 30, 1921 in Kuchenheim

Here – residing at Mandl Str. 1 / Second Floor, c/o Lösch-Berrsche

For suspicion of preparations for high treason

Searching of the residences of these persons and their apprehension.

As ordered, police deputies Grimm and Müller undertook a search of the residence of both of the above-named on February 18, 1943 around 10 pm. The search took place at Mandl Str. 1, Second Floor, c/o Lösch-Berrsche, each one room; object of the search was seditious documents etc. Documents of a seditious nature could not be found. The search yielded the following items, which were seized:

A large number of letters addressed to Graf Wilhelm, as well as a number of pieces of stationery, both white and yellow.

Mrs. Lösche-Berrsche, owner of the residence, was present for the search.

Neither Graf Wilhelm nor Graf Anneliese was in the residence at that time. Both of them returned home around midnight, at which time they were taken into custody, and were transported by automobile to this State Police Headquarters and placed in jail.

/Signature: [Illegible]/
Crim. Secr.


Source: NJ1704 (121)

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