Report of search (Schmorell)

Secret State Police [Gestapo] – Munich, February 19, 1943
State Police Headquarters Munich

Vol. No. 13 226/43 II A Sond./Za. [Special Commission – Zacher]

Report of Search

As ordered, a thorough search of the furnished room belonging to single medical student Alexander Schmorell –born September 16, 1917 in Orenburg, residing at Benediktenwand Str. 12, second floor, Munich, his parents’ home – was undertaken by police deputy Grimm (District II B) and the undersigned.

The search included the furnished room inhabited by Alexander Schmorell and a side room [Note 1]. Natalie Schmorell, Schmorell’s sister who was also present, was brought into [the investigation].

Several blank stencils, carbon paper, and about 50 sheets of absorbent paper that could be used in the duplication process were seized. Additionally, the following items were seized:

29 stamps, 8-Pfennig German Reichspost

70 stamps, 4-Pfennig German Reichspost

1 Russian Army pistol (revolver) with leather sheath, and

50 live bullets.

Similarly, all of Schmorell’s correspondence was seized. All of the items that are being temporarily confiscated were packed inside an old suitcase and taken back to the station.

/Signature: Zacher/
Crim. Secr.


Note 1: Nebenraum, any small room not generally associated with living quarters.


Source: RGWA (1)

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