Request for Weyersberg to travel to Munich

Chief Prosecutor

Munich, February 19, 1943
Prielmayr Str. 5
Telephone: Local exchanges 5791
Long distance 57801
/Initial: [Illegible]/

To the Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court

Attn: Reich Attorney Beyersberg [sic] Berlin.

Regarding: Scholl and others

For demoralization of the army and high treason

/[Signatures of three people, all illegible – not Scholl and Probst]/

Enclosed please find the documents that I currently have in my possession. Incidentally, I make reference to the telephone conversation with Reich Attorney Beyersberg [sic] and herewith request that a deputy of the Chief Prosecutor of the Reich be sent here as quickly as possible to ensure the expedition of this matter.

/Signature: [Illegible]/


Source: ZC13267 (82)

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