List of evidentiary material

Secret State Police [Gestapo]
State Police Headquarters Munich – Munich, February 20, 1943

List of Evidentiary Material:

3 copies of the Leaflet of the Resistance Movement in Germany, on white paper

3 copies of the Resistance Movement in Germany [Note 1], on blue paper

3 copies of the “Fellow Students!” document

4 copies of the same document with the title “German Students!” [Note 2]

4 copies of the publication “White Rose” [Note 3]

4 copies of the pamphlets sent as “bulk mail”, some of which reached their addressees, others were held by the Post Office

104 stamps, 8 Pfennig denomination

1 photograph of the “Down with Hitler!” durable template

1 photo album of pictures taken of the graffiti from February 3/4, 1943

6 individual photographs of graffiti from February 8/9, 1943 with descriptions on the back, as well as of the graffiti from February 15/16, 1943

1 photo album of the crime scene in the Lichthof of the university

1 Erika typewriter (No. 50 75 40 / 6)

1 portable Remington typewriter (No. NL 82 533 M)

1 duplicating machine (Brand Roto-Präziosa No. 13 101) with oilcloth cover, 1 output-basket for copies, and 1 reserve drum (rubber) for the machine

1 .08 pistol, army issue, with clip and 201 bullets

1 backpack (“Tauern” brand)

1 brown suitcase (imitation leather)

1 student directory for the University of Munich – Winter Semester 1941/42

/Signature: [Illegible]/
Criminal Secr.


Note 1: Sic. They left out the words “leaflet of”.

Note 2: “Deutsche Studentin! Deutscher Student!” where the first is single female German student and the second is single male German student. This was the change they made from/to the more Bavarian Kommilitonen title.

Note 3: Unclear as to whether one copy of each White Rose leaflet, or four copies of a single leaflet.

Note 4: The photo albums and photographs apparently did not survive. But note that the files in the Bundesarchiv [ZC13267 etc.] are prosecution files. Gestapo files may still be out there somewhere.


Source: ZC13267 (18)

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