Travel advances for first trial

IH 47/43. 8J 35/43.
Scholl et al.


a) Dr. Freisler, Presiding
b) Director of the Regional Court Stier
c) Chief Sergeant-at-Arms of the Justice Department, Kosemund
d) Assistant Prosecutor Bischoff.

[The above-referenced] will be traveling to Munich on business from February 20 to presumably February 22, 1943. Travel advances for their travel expenses have been approved as follows (Chapter 2a, Title 33/3):

a) 50 Marks [$400.00] 9648 4295
b) 120 Marks [$960.00] 9649 4296
c) 80 Marks [$640.00] 9646 4296
d) 0.

Berlin, February 20, 1943
Accounting Office, People’s Court
/Signature: [illegible] [Note 1]/


Note 1: Signature is likely Vogelgesang. He signed most accounting documents, and the signature looks like his, but not quite as legible.


Source: ZC13267 (255)

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