Alexander Schmorell – Sunday on the run

On Sunday February 21, 1943, I walked to Krün, and from there on to Elmau, where I hoped to meet up with an acquaintance named Ingrid Mesirca. When I called her, I learned that she was ill and therefore I did not go to her residence.

I called Dr. Kleeblatt in Tegernsee from Elmau and asked about Christoph Probst. This woman (Probst’s mother) could not tell me the whereabouts of her son. I asked because I wanted to reassure myself that the police had not undertaken anything against Probst in connection with the arrest of Scholl. Yesterday I already explained why I inquired about Probst’s well-being.


Source: RGWA, February 26, 1943 interrogation of Alexander Schmorell.

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