Chief Prosecutor’s Order

Chief Prosecutor of the People’s Court – Berlin, February 21, 1943

Rush! Extremely Urgent!

Order [Note 1]

The indictment against Hans Scholl, Sophia Scholl, and C[hristoph Probst is to be presented to the following individuals in the fastest possible way, no later than early afternoon [today]:

1.) The above-mentioned accused in police custody at the State Police Headquarters in Munich,

2.) As well Attorney August Klein in Munich, Ludwig Street 17a – as defense attorney for Hans and Sophia Scholl,

3.) And Attorney Dr. Ferdinand Seidl II, Munich, Arco Street 1 (Office), Trautenwolf Str. 7 (Home) – as defense attorney for Probst.

It shall be given to them together with notice that the accused have until Monday, February 22, 1943 at 8 am to enter a plea in response to the trial decree and to present evidence [on their behalf].

Addendum: The trial is set for Monday, February 22, 1943 at 10 am.

Addendum for Attorney Klein: {The President of the People’s Court will swear you in before the trial on February 22 as defense counsel} for <the accused Hans and Sophia Scholl>. By advising you of this fact, I request that as per order you shall begin work on the defense of those named as of today. You are herewith granted permission to visit the named accused in the prison of the State Police Headquarters in Munich.

Addendum for Attorney Dr. Seidl II:

Same as above in { }

Substitute < the accused Christoph Probst>


Note 1: This document is not signed.


Source: ZC13267 (40)

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