Hans Scholl arrest warrant

Report [Note 1] Catalog [No.] [blank]
District Court, Munich
Criminal Court Division

(Investigating Judge)

Interrogation of the Accused [Note 2]

In the investigation of Scholl Hans Fritz

For high treason and aiding and abetting the enemy

Munich, February 21, 1943.

| Present: District Court Judge, Dr. Zeller, Upper District Court
| Court Clerk: Nestler.

The accused was interrogated in accordance with §136 St PO, as follows:

Personal data: Scholl Hans Fritz, the rest as in the file.

To the case:

During several thorough police interrogations, I have been heard [Note 3] in every detail with regards to all the facts of the matter. My statements have been recorded in the records dated February 18 – 21, 1943 (Supplementary Volume I pages 2 – 25 R.). These statements, which moreover are present at this time, have been re-read to me as part of a detailed conference. I herewith make them an exhibit to my deposition. Naturally I denied everything at the beginning. I gradually made a true confession.

/Form 10. J.G. Weiβ’che Printers and Publishers, Munich./

Immediately preceding this deposition, I have also had to correct statements I gave to the police, because in their previous form they did not correspond to the truth. This has to do with the leaflets of the “White Rose”.

I said and now briefly repeat that together with Schmorell, I wrote, produced, and distributed these 4 different leaflets @ 100 copies each . In particular I make reference to the statements I made to the police, which I am now expressly making an exhibit to my deposition.

In this interrogation, I also reported:

My sister knew nothing of the first graffiti operation. I only told her about it after the fact. She requested that she be allowed to participate in subsequent operations of that sort. But I denied her request. She did however know before the 2nd and 3rd graffiti operations what Schmorell and I intended to do.

I have nothing else to report or to add.

In conclusion, the following was announced:

A warrant for the arrest

Of the accused Scholl Hans Fritz is [herewith] issued.

By his actions, the accused is under strong suspicion of conspiracy to undertake a treasonous activity, of conspiracy to aid and abet the enemy, of conspiracy to demoralize the armed forces. Imprisonment is hereby ordered, because there is a risk of flight due to the severity of the charges.

Read aloud, approved, and signed by: /Signature: Hans Scholl/

District Court Munich – Investigating Judge 2 /Signature: Dr. Zeller/ District Court

/Signature: [Illegible]/ Chief Secr.


Note 1: Anzeige is also the word used for “denunciation”.

Note 2: This document is in the file twice – once signed, once unsigned.-Ed.

Note 3: Hören or heard, not verhören or interrogated.


Source: ZC13267 (152 – 153)

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