Sophie Scholl arrest warrant

Report [Note 1] Catalog [No.] [blank]

Present: District Court Judge Dr. Zeller, Upper District Court

Court Clerk: Nestler.

District Court, Munich
Criminal Court Division
(Investigating Judge)

Interrogation of the accused in the investigation of Scholl Sophie Magdalena for high treason and aiding and abetting the enemy.

Munich, February 21, 1943.

The accused was interrogated in accordance with §136 St PO, as follows:

Personal data: Scholl Sophie Magdalena, the rest as in the file.

To the case: I have already been thoroughly interrogated in numerous interrogations to all the points in question. It has been recorded in the records dated February 18 and 20, 1943 (Supplementary Volume II pages 1.1 – 18 R.).  I stand by my statements and herewith make them an exhibit to my current deposition. Naturally I denied everything at the beginning, because I did not wish to admit the truth.

But I have corrected these circumstances during the course of the interrogation.

I have admitted all that I could possibly say and do not have anything to add.

The following was announced:

A warrant for the arrest of the accused Scholl Sophie Magdalena is [herewith] issued.

By her actions, the accused is under strong suspicion of conspiracy to undertake a treasonous activity, of conspiracy to aid and abet the enemy, of conspiracy to demoralize the armed forces. Imprisonment is hereby ordered, because there is a risk of flight due to the severity of the charges.

Read aloud, approved, and signed by [Note 2]:

District Court Munich, Investigating Judge 2, /Signature: Dr. Zeller/, District Court

/Signature: [Illegible]/, Chief Secr.

Form 10. J.G. Weiβ’che Printers and Publishers, Munich.


Note 1: Anzeige is also the word used for “denunciation”.

Note 2: This document is not signed by Sophie Scholl.


Source: ZC13267 (192 – 193)

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