Cover page for ZC13267, Volume V

8 J 35 / 43

Trial date [Note 1]: February 22, 1943

Volume of Exhibits [Note 2]

Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court

Criminal Case Against Scholl and two others for high treason and aiding and abetting the enemy

Defense Counsel [blank] Page: [blank]

Official in charge: /Illegible/ Bischoff

Clerk issuing report: Director of the Upper District Court, Stier

/Stamp: Central Archives Z/C 13267/

/Stamp: Volume 5/

/Stamp: Arrest warrant – P. [blank]
Charge – P. [blank]
Verdict – P. [blank]
Tally card – P. [blank]
Judgment update – P. [blank]
Costs – not – calculated – P. [blank]
Discontinuance – P. [blank]
Archive 19___ — P. [blank] /

8 J 35 / 43


Note 1: This is a preprinted form.

Note 2: Many of these leaflets were contained in this file in multiple “editions”. They are contained here only once. If there are any special notations on one of the copies, this will be footnoted. Also, the leaflets are in the published hard copy in the order in which they are contained in the file – not in the order in which they were published.


Source: ZC13267 (194)

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