Hans Scholl’s execution

File No.: 8J 35/43.

Scholl Hans September 22, 1918, Ingersheim.

Munich, February 22, 1943.

Munich Stadelheim Prison.

The Chief Prosecutor of the Reich, People’s Court, State Prosecutor’s Office, Berlin.


With regards to: Execution of the death sentence imposed by the Special People’s Court Court Berlin on February 22, 1943 on Hans SCHOLL, single male student from Ingersheim.


Reich Prosecutor WEYERSBERG, as overseer of the execution.

Employee of the Justice Department Max HUBER of the State Attorney General’s Office Munich I, as Court Clerk of the Attorney General’s Office.

At 5 pm on today’s date, the above-named officials of the State Attorney General’s Office proceeded to the walled-in, covered chamber at the Stadelheim Prison in Munich that is set aside for execution of the death penalty.

The following persons had already assembled there: The prison warden and Senior Government Official Dr. KOCH, the prison doctor and Senior Governmental Medical Official Dr. GRÜBER, and the executioner Reichhart together with his assistants, as well as the prison personnel that was absolutely necessary for the carrying out of the execution.

The execution chamber had been fully secured against the visual access and admittance of non-participants. The guillotine had been prepared for use and was concealed by a black curtain.

At 5:02 pm, the condemned was brought forward by two male prison officials. The overseer of the execution verified that the person presented was identical with the condemned. The condemned was then handed over to the executioner. The executioner’s assistant led him to the guillotine, and he was moved under the blade of the guillotine. Executioner Reichhart then released the blade, which immediately severed the head of the condemned from his trunk. The prison doctor confirmed that death had occurred.

The condemned was calm and collected. His last words were “Long live freedom.”

Time elapsed between transfer to the executioner and the fall of the blade: 7 seconds.

The entire execution process, which took place without any other incident, lasted 0 minutes, 52 seconds from the time the cell was left.

After being removed from the guillotine, the trunk and the head of the condemned were laid in an available coffin and transferred to Police Headquarters in Munich for transport to the Perlacher Cemetery.

/Signature: Weyersberg/ Reich Prosecutor.

/Signature: M. Huber/ Court Clerk.


Source: ZC13267 (237 – 238)

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